How to Link Hoyoverse / Kuro Accounts

Here is a short note on how to link your In-game Home account like Hoyoverse or Kuro account with your game

↓ Below are some screenshots of those page ↓

After perfectly linking your account you have to share that linked email and password with us for Logins products. this process is known for very fast delivery compared to other login methods.

Tip: Never share your email and password with anyone also never share your ambsells account logins with anyone. On us, your all data are encrypted. still, for your mental satisfaction, you can change your account password anytime. and after your order is delivered you can change your password again, by doing this you also be safe mentally that you changed your password. and as always you are safe with us.

If you need further help for linking your account you can contact us on our live chat or any of our chat platform.

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