OVERWATCH 2 [Coins | Tokens] [PC BattleNet | XBOX]


After purchase you will receive:-

Coins and Tokens to your account Overwatch 2 (Battle.net | XBOX)

➖ Make sure you´re providing the Microsoft account that´s directly linked to your Battle.net account. In cases where you provided an account from another account, and we made a purchase, the funds spent are not refundable❗
➖ Microsoft account must be 18+❗

📌 In case you don’t have an Microsoft/XBOX account:
You can create an microsoft account and link it to your Battle.net account
if you don’t know how to do this, then after payment the we will be happy to help you.

📍 Why do you need data from a Microsoft account?
– Coins and Tokens are purchased from the official Overwatch store through a Microsoft account. After the purchase (if the accounts are linked) you will receive Overwatch Coins/League Tokens on your Battle.net account and can spend it at any time

🎫 after purchase create a ticket by going to your account>Support ticket to complete your order.