After purchase, you will receive:-

āœ… You will receive account details of the game
āœ… The game is original and manufacture licensed
āœ… Download the game directly from the game platform.
āœ… You activate the game yourself, without third-party activator programs.
āœ… Works Worldwide

šŸ“ Offline access only
It means you canā€™t go online with this account. you have to play in offline mode only

Terms of use:

ā€“ Account is used for Offline mode only
ā€“ 1 activation 1 PC
ā€“ Change account details is strictly prohibited
ā€“ Share the account details is prohibited
ā€“ Always check the game requirements from the game publisher’s website
ā€“ We donā€™t take any risk if the game does not support your hardware requirements
ā€“ After your purchase of the game Refund is not possible however, if you face
any problem with the game activation then we will help you or replace it

Violation of any item will result in loss of access to the product, and void the sellerĀ“s warranty!

šŸ’Œ Detail information provided after successful purchase.

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